View Full Version : heath j, St. Patty's Day work tourney results/report Pics, bass, BIG BASS, 3/17, kdxd

03-18-2010, 08:50 PM
Had our 2nd work tourney of the year yesterday outta HB and my partner and I finished in 2nd place with 15 total fish and best 5 all about same size going 13.65 lbs. All fish were caught on deep diving passion pink hoola poppers and south carolina rigged shakky lazer sammy swimbait omaha shot sink flukes. 1st was 15.85 lbs. 5.05 LM and 4.0 brownie and 3rd was upper 11's also BIG FISH!!! 8.25lb largy!!!! All together an ok day but chilly, rainy, and windy day on the water with only 3 of 12 boats limiting out. But the fish are still spread out and not in masses. Also jerks & traps might have worked too.......... emoScratch emoBigsmile Pics will be later IF i can get ahold of them.

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