View Full Version : MrWiskers, Riverpark, Smallies and Cats, 10-5-2011, AlvinC

10-05-2011, 07:46 PM
Hit the Riverpark today after work with Alvin to do our usual thing. Fished drop shot Gulp minnows on flats from 6-10 ft and boated 7 blue cats, 2 channels, 2 keeper spots (one around 14-15"), a skinny keeper smallie and a very small smallie (about twice as big as the Gulp). Awesome evening but we had to cut it short as Alvin's wife was in a car wreck and he had to meet her at the hospital. She is fine, just bruised up.
Still not bad for just over 2 hours of fishing. Water temp was 73 degrees. There was a lot more activity tonight than in the past weeks, the water temp droping will start turning on the bite on the river in the next few weeks.

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