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Old 04-29-2012, 02:17 PM
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Default dragfish, Riverpark, CFF TX, 4/28/12, los lobos

Good call on the committee's part for the "ooze off" in the fog! Idleing along when you want to be 7 miles away is hard to do!
After easing down and stopping at a couple spots I got tired of weeding through all the short spots.
Was finally able to breeze through downtown where you could run wide open until I got the last barges and hit the fog again.
Lucked up and was first to the marina I was after and got a 3lb lg mouth on my 3rd cast on a spook-and that was it! Then the crowd rolled in (ask Beetlespin)
Next and last keeper was at Suck Creek on a crankbait.
My plan worked-I stayed out of the money intentionally just so I could win those 5 tickets to Lake Winnie! Thanks Earl!!
Hadn't had any vacation plans-but now I'm taking a week and ride all day-5 days in a row!
Gonna be kinda lonely but I won 'em-not sharing!


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