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Trout Rigs - Effective Rigs For Fishing With Powerbait

By tkugler at Mon, 2011-02-14 04:59 | Freshwater Fishing

During the spring a fish that is targeted quite often in many areas are trout, with an emphasis on rainbow trout. Conservation agencies and fish and game commissions even "stock" local lakes and rivers with trout with the express purpose of being caught by anglers. I have been fishing for (and catching) these trout for many years and one of the most popular ways to catch trout that have been "stocked" is to go fishing with Powerbait.
In this article I will outline a pair of trout rigs that can be used while fishing with Powerbait (mostly in lakes and ponds). Although fishing with Powerbait isn't at all difficult, it becomes much more effective if the small details outlined in this article are adhered to. When it comes to trout figs for fishing with Powerbait (sometimes called Powerbait rigs) it's important to remember two things. Number one you want to use small fishing hooks and number two you want to use light fishing line. Trout have very keen eyesight and if they detect the metal from a fishing hook or can see your fishing line they are much less apt to bite your bait, thus small fishing hooks and light fishing line are in order.
The first of the trout rigs that I'm going to outline is the gang hook rig. The gang hook rig consists of a set of small gang hooks rigged on a basic bottom rig. What makes the gang hook rig unique as far as trout rigs go are the gang hooks themselves. With gang hooks there are two fishing hooks and both hooks are baited with Powerbait, thus effectively "doubling" your chances of getting a bite. Each hook can be baited with a different color Powerbait if you want to give the trout more choices. When it comes to fishing with Powerbait the gang hook rig is the "only way to go" for many trout fishermen.
The second of the trout rigs for fishing with Powerbait that I'm going to outline is the treble rig. For this trout rig a small treble hook (usually size #12 or #18) is tied to a twelve to twenty four inch 'leader' made from the same pound test fishing line that your reel is spooled with. This 'leader' is then attached to a small swivel and the end of your fishing line is tied to the opposite end of the swivel. To bait this rig for fishing with Powerbaita Powerbait press is a great idea. Why? Because it eliminates the "mess" that fishing with Powerbait can cause on your hands and most importantly using a Powerbait press keeps any human scents off of the bait itself, resulting in more bites. The baited rig is then cast out, allowed to sink, and "still" fished.
The bottom line is that when it comes to trout rigs the aforementioned ways of rigging up for fishing with Powerbait are extremely effective ways to employ this unique trout bait. One or both of these trout rigs should be added to you trout fishing repertoire sooner, rather than later.

The best trout rigs for trout fishing.

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By fishingcanada on Wed, 2011-03-02 06:49

You always want your bait to appear as natural as possible. This is obviously especially true in the case of live bait. Take live worms for example.

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