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Night Fishing For Catfish: Tips On How To Select The Right Catfish Baits At Night!

By fleagle at Sat, 2009-07-04 14:10 | Catfishing

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Night fishing for catfish can be fast action and loads of fun! You would be amazed how active these fish get at night, but you need to know what live baits for catfish are the best at night. Catfish will eat just about any baits you throw at them but some live baits work better then others. I would like to identify the baits that work best for me when I am night fishing for catfish in my article today.

1.0 My #1 favorite fishing at night catfish bait is the horned chub.

There are many different types of chubs that are local throughout the united states that work well for catching catfish. A chub is any one of a number of ray-finned fishes in several families. For my article today I will concentrate on chubs that are commonly found in small creeks and rivers. I am referring to the creak chub which is of the family of Cyprinidae (Minnows and Carps). The creek chub is also commonly called chub or horned chub. Creek chubs have a thick body and a broad head. Their mouth is large with the back end of the upper jaw extending beyond the front edge of the eye. They also have a small flap-like barbel that is often hidden in the grove between the upper jaw and the rest of the head. The best size chubs to use for bait are the ones that are 3 to 6 inches in length. The best way to fish with creek chubs is to cut them in 2 to three inch strips, and use a 1/0 bait holder hook. You can use the fish guts after you cut them up for a very good active chum, so do not throw the guts away.

2.0 My number two favorite night fishing catfish bait is the bluegill.

Make sure you check with your states department of natural resources to make sure it is legal to fish with the bluegill. The bluegill is also common referred to as the sunfish, and bream. The blue gill is actually classified in the family of sunfish. If you want to catch larger catfish, I have found that the bluegill are the best bait to use. I always set up one heavy duty catfish rig with a blue gill for bait. The best size gills to use are small 3 to 4” in size. I will push a 4/0 bait holder hook just under the dorsal fin , so the blue can swim freely. I Use a slip bobber set so the blue gill can roam just off the bottom. You won’t catch a lot of catfish with blue gill but the ones you do catch will be of the large variety. I have caught many 10lb plus catfish using gills. You can also use them to catch smaller catfish cut up in strips just like fishing for chubs.

3.0 My number two favorite night fishing catfish bait is the Threadfin shad.

There are two types of shad I use. If I can get threadfin shad they are my preference. They are small usually 2 to three inches in length and you can use the entire fish hooked with a 1/0 bait holder hook. The other shad I use when fish at night is the gizzard shad. These fish need to be cut into strips. You can vary the length of catfish bait from 2 to three inch strips for 1/0 bait holder hooks , then increase the strip length for larger hook sizes. You can purchase both the gizzard shad and the threadfin shad at your local bait store. If you want to catch your own shad using a minnow seine net is the common method used.

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