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By SalmonEye at Thu, 2010-01-07 17:41 | Saltwater Fishing

Wasn’t it the Beatles who wrote the song about living in a yellow submarine? There’s music and friends and a life of ease. The submarine charges full speed ahead in the sea of green. Funny, though, I did notice one mention of any fish.

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By Muslickz at Sun, 2009-11-15 10:36 | Saltwater Fishing

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By SalmonEye at Wed, 2009-09-16 15:01 | Saltwater Fishing

Despite low salmon numbers in many North American fishing areas, Canadian salmon fishing showed surprisingly good numbers and a strong finish to a healthy fishing season.

Due to poor spawning returns in 2008, many fishing areas in the northwestern United States launched the 2009 fishing season with low limits and strict regulations. Washington, for example, announced a late start to the season while Oregon and California closed salmon fishing in some areas altogether. Some fishermen wondered if great salmon fishing was a thing of the past. British Columbia, though, did not have to lower salmon limits and had a surprisingly strong season of King salmon fishing.

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By Causeway at Tue, 2009-09-01 14:52 | Saltwater Fishing

The 2009 Snapper Season has brought plenty of activity and fun for the family. You really can't go wrong with locations. Many reports from all over the Nassau County area indicate there are snappers everywhere. Small spearing or any small or shiny law will do the trick. It's almost like fishing with dynamite.

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By captrandy at Fri, 2009-07-10 08:48 | Saltwater Fishing

Sabine Lake fishing is great we are fishing the south end of the lake on up to mid-lake. There are lots of birds working over big schools of trout feeding on shrimp. The best bite is on outgoing tides and the best baits are Bayou Chub Minnows in LSU and 12 Fathom Scare-face Shrimp in glow, both work best tipped with fish bites shrimp, Good numbers of fish can also be found in the Sabine Pass ship channel. These fish will be keying in on mullet in 4 to 10 feet of water. The go to baits in the channel will be Browns Devil Eye in glow with a ¼ ounce Tru-lock jig. The Sabine Pass jetties are yielding boxes of trout to 6lbs, on the early morning bite and incoming tide. The bait out at the jetties are Stanley shrimp in glow/chart on bottom and under Mid-coast Inticer corks fished close to the rocks. There will be redfish mixed in those trout out at the jetties as well. The triple tail have shown up and we are boxing good numbers of them in the surf and in the gulf. The beach front is also holding good numbers of trout to 7lbs when the winds lay down, top water bite is best early morning. Good fishing Capt Randy 409-719-6067

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By Causeway at Thu, 2009-06-11 14:18 | Saltwater Fishing

The good news holds up in regards to the fluke fishing. Reports coming in indicate that they are still active in the bays. Your best bets are Swift Creek, Haunts Creek and Broad Creek. A little further to the west in Merrick Bay, we have been hearing good things as well. Fish the channel edges using bucktail and teaser rigs. We also recommend using a spinning rod with 10lb-12lb test and tipping the jigs with spearing or a Berkley Gulp.

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